An Associate of Nippon Seiyaku Co. Ltd. Japan.

1 Divisions
  • Prism Medicare Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nutramedix Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nippon Lifescience Pvt. Ltd.
  • Epidermizz (Skin Care Division)
  • Consumer Care
  • Anugramica

The mission of Nippon is to build an enduring, worldwide company, the purpose of which is to develop innovative drugs to maintain human health and relieve suffering.


To become the most trusted and successful pharmaceutical company of India especially in nutrition segment, pediatrics, gynecology and dermatology.

Welcome to Nippon Seiyaku

Nippon Seiyaku is an Associate of Nippon Seiyaku Co. Ltd.,Japan. We are driven by the desire to meet the diverse health care needs of patients with our innovative high quality products and affordable prices. Nippon Seiyaku has long history of pioneering pharmaceutical products in the area of pediatricians, gynecology, orthopedics, gestroenterology and neuroscience.We are committed to improve millions of life with our outstanding products.

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Celebrating 10th year of our Pioneer and original brand COBAL M. COBAL M provides purest pharma grade Methylcoalamine & Benfothiamine. COBAL M is growing by 150%.

Folicon M (Folic Acid 5mg.+ Methylcobalamine 5 mcg. Tablet): Uninterrupted 90 days Folic acid with Methylcobalamine for healthy fetus development.

Making chemistry with skin (specialists)! Launching derma division “EPI DERMIZZ” with the first product ‘EPIGLOW’ for the optimum healthy glow of skin hair and nail.